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The Falcon and Doves Presentations and Classes:
Auditions are for placement only.  Internet dance troupe application - audition sign up - register here -  [ click on ] everyone is accepted ).
From deep roots in Havana, Cuba, and prolonged experiences at Miami, Florida, Salsa Wild and The Falcon and Doves who presents not only the performances, but also highly motivated classes teaches that dance is pure inspiration.  Wild is the name, and loving a fuller  life is the ends.

Salsa Wild of The Falcon and Doves is the new concept in Latin Dance in which the old is integrated with the new and exciting Latin dance movements ever.  Since 1860 various movements have appeared in Cuban and the " surrounding  islands ", and then with the emergence of Havanah into an International destination site for gambling tourism during the 1930 to the mid 50s, Latin dance creativity exploded upon the night club stage and caberet scene.  Here ballet and modern dance was " Cabano "incorperated into diversity of styles and choreography.  A Latin " Lyrical " Danza was created, and then during the rise of Castro, many of these innovators fled to Miami, Florida ( fearful of The Argentine Che Cevera, and his cultural manifesto ).  It is from here, as the main foundation, in which this effort seeks to recover.

The Mambo, The Cha Cha Cha ( quick timing versions ), son de Cuba, and Son Montuno derserves their equal place in this rich history and traditions of Latin Danza de Arte.......Roger M. Christian




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Like the movies we developed the wild moves.


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